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"To be womanly always"

Abi Jensen | Member Class 2020

“To be womanly always” is one of the lines of Chi Omega’s symphony that always puzzled me in the beginning of my membership. Freshman year I was still in the trenches of figuring out who I was, still trying to understand if I had to wear certain brands, and still trying to avoid the gossip that usually accompanies groups of women wanting to fit in. But to my surprise, the women of this chapter have blown every expectation of being a sorority girl out of the water. I am not expected to fit in because the expectations of this chapter relate to how I carry myself, not how I look.

What does it mean to be a woman when it feels like so many voices complete to tell us who we should be? In our world where we seem to have endless choices on what to say, what to wear and what to do with our time, Chi O has been key in bringing into focus what really matters for me. Instead of being a voice that fed insecurities, Chi O has helped me discover who I really am, challenged me to pursue it, and taught me what truly matters. At the end of the day, hands down, people are of utmost importance.

To the girl two years ago who rushed even after hearing the mean joke that “sorority girls pay for friends,” I am proud of who you are. More specifically, I am proud of who you have become because of who you have surrounded yourself with. Sermons from my childhood remind me often that we supposedly become like our five closest friends. I sure hope that's true so I am may become:

A woman like those who greet me with just as much love and excitement when I’m dressed up to the nines as when I’m wearing sweats and desperately need to wash my hair.

A woman who not only makes the effort, but sets the internal self standard to speak kindly about others.To hold myself above reproach even when others aren't around.

A woman who makes plans that are an open invite to as many people who have the time to hangout. To be inclusive at every opportunity.

Women who hype eachother up just as genuinely face to face as they will in the comments section on Instagram.

A woman who will hug you on days of victory and hold you when life can feel just a little bit too much.

So as we celebrate Eleusinia, I know I’ll be remembering the memories and long list of women that have made my time in Theta Kappa so significant. The fun part about my journey specifically is that I admired who they were from the moment I stepped in the room, from the first day when Iran into girls wearing letters. When you see women of character that are genuinely good people just because they have the opportunity to be, you don't pass up your chance to be involved. Be the older member that our new members admire and want to become.

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