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The Women of Chi Omega

By Macie Webb | 2021 Member Class

Beginning college amid Covid-19 was a challenging and emotional ride. With limited ability to find community, lack of social gatherings, and false reality of the “ideal college experience”, my first semester of freshman year left me feeling hopeless, lonely, and sad most days. Among those days of loneliness, I had some very inspiring, loyal, and comforting women come into my life who ultimately molded my displaced college semester into a semester of love, growth, and community. These women pursued me wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Despite the age gap or sorority status of these women, they humbled themselves among me daily to listen intentionally, serve selflessly, and love radically. They were passionate about hearing my stories and were always quick to give sincere advice on my struggles. In every conversation I had with these women, they left me better than I found them, and I ultimately left with a renewed or refreshing perspective on life afterward. At the end of any stressful day or hard moment, I knew my newfound friends would be there for me to lean into yet would be there on the happy days too, to make me feel cherished and celebrated. Sonic runs, texts of encouragement, letters, and prayers were just a fraction of the ways my new friends deeply cared for and valued me every single day.

These “new friends” were the women of Chi Omega at Baylor University.

Ever since my first encounter with a Chi Omega, I have never met a woman in the chapter who does not love, celebrate, encourage, and mentor others well. These friends were the women that I knew I wanted to be like when I got to be their age and were examples of how I wanted to radically live a life of serving and genuinely loving others. This is why I chose Chi Omega- because Chi Omega’s women chose me. They chose to intentionally love me and be my friend even before my involvement in the Panhellenic recruitment process and sought to provide me with a sense of love and belonging that is unique to this group of young women. I chose Chi Omega in hopes of being that new friend again for someone someday, regardless of who they are, I hope to live a life as these women in my life have modeled for me thus far. I hope it’s a life of deep humility and constant serving that ultimately glorifies God and in the long run, shows others how to wholeheartedly fulfill friendships and serve their peers exceptionally well.

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