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  • Olivia Bianco

'Deeper than Just the Name': Sharing Chi Omega Through Generations

One of the things that is special about Theta Kappa is the way that it ties people together. Several of our members have been able to share the sisterhood of Chi Omega with their mothers, grandmothers and sisters. Hear about how Ellie Hammond (MC ‘23) has been able grow closer to her family throughout her time as a Theta Kappa.

“I am so grateful for Chi Omega because of how it has been shared by the women in my family! My mom Kimberly was a Baylor Chi O, and now my sister Avery and I are both members of the Theta Kappa chapter as well. Getting to share a sorority bond with these women goes far deeper than just the name or the colors. Chi O has brought all three of us so much joy, and sharing these connected memories and experiences together is such a blessing!”

Being able to celebrate the qualities that makes each of them unique has only strengthened the bond that the Hammond family shares with each other. Each line of the Chi Omega Symphony represents what makes each member of our chapter so special.

“Both my mom and my sister embody the Chi Omega Symphony in beautiful ways. My mom truly lives out the phrase, “to be womanly always; to be discouraged never.” She is courageous, authentic, loving, and consistently joyful. My sister Avery genuinely shows the symphony lines of, “to work earnestly, to speak kindly, and to act sincerely.” She is steadfast in any circumstance and loyal to her character. I love being able to belong to an organization that encourages the same qualities that I love in my mom and my sister. It is a special gift to have these shared traditions, values, and lifelong friendships in this chapter. I really did 'find my home' in Chi Omega!”

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