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The Best Is Yet To Come

Caroline Nance | Member Class 2019

MC ‘22, you might be wondering…”Could it get any better than this?”. From bid day to new member process to Initiation to Initiation reception and all the things it seems like you’re on top of the world. And you’re right for feeling that way, but the truth is the best is yet to come. In Chi Omega, the best is always yet to come. These past four weeks have been a whirlwind, yet in these days, seeds were planted, friendships began, and it is time for them to start blooming.

May I congratulate you on joining Chi Omega. At Baylor University, there is truly not a better group of women. Guided by our symphony, we seek to empower one another, walk into hard things and out of hard things with one another. Our chapter is marked by our authenticity and our joy. Marked by our determination and our commitment to one another. Marked by our willingness to listen and to learn. Marked by the competitive nature that ultimately leads us to growth. Baylor Chi Omega is defined, not by its accolades or its praises, but its people.

It’s the people that make Sing practice fun, the intramural games worth it, Chapter meetings exciting, formals the time of your life, and just the everyday activities feel like a dream. Chi Omega is the people, and when you look to your left or your right, you’re a little bit better because of the way that a Chi Omega sister has loved you and walked with you. Because of this truth, you are continually growing and molding into who you are called to be. In this truth, the best is yet to come for you.

But better than congratulating you on joining Chi Omega, congratulations on joining a sisterhood that lasts forever. This sisterhood did not develop overnight, or even in the past four weeks of your new member period, but rather it began all the years ago. Years ago, with a group of women who desired to share life together in an organized manner, and here we are now, tens of member classes later, living life together. Growing in community, laughing until we can barely stand up, dancing until we can’t, drinking more coffee than we need, and simply creating too many memories to count. This sisterhood is, regardless of the circumstances or the trials, is present, listening, encouraging and truly fighting for you.

Simply put, the best is yet to come. To you questioning if this time could get any better than this, there is a resounding YES. Absolutely. Baylor Chi Omega is better because you are now officially a part of it, and we cannot help to know that the BEST is yet to come.

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