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Her Welfare Ever At Heart

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The Theta Kappa Chapter of Chi Omega takes pride in the diverse group of women we are composed of; each of us with a different upbringing, background and personal testimony. In this time, we wholeheartedly proclaim our undying support of our sisters affected and hurting due to recent events. We know our words do not have the power to heal or fix things, but the meditation of our hearts in this time is that as we would strive daily to learn from one another and be better stewards of each other and our surrounding community, that hearts would be softened for goodness and veer away from the bitterness of this world that is so utterly ensnaring and consuming. 

As we continue to listen earnestly and learn to love one another in a manner that is unconditional and discover for ourselves what it looks like to walk hand-in-hand towards a greater good, we are reminded of the words threaded into our symphony: to speak kindly, to act sincerely and to have our sisters’ welfare ever at heart. May we strive daily to learn from one another as well as those outside of our sisterhood, to ask the hard questions and lean not on our own understanding when it comes to recognizing the ever-present injustices. As we labor together in the fight against systemic racism and social injustice, we strive to dwell in hope and love above all things. 

“But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?” 1 John 3:17

There is no denying the fact that instances of injustice have slipped between our fingertips in our own ignorance. There is no denying the fact that much of the fault lies in the hands of those who create the community in the first place. There is no denying the fact that the mere existence of systemic racism is a product of years of misconceptions and lack of action from our predecessors-- but is still inexcusable. There is no denying the fact that this same lack of action exists even today. There is no denying the fact that we all fall short daily; we fail to see the bigger picture and are brought to our knees time and time again by our own weakness. Our sisters are suffering and we have witnessed a country stand, paralyzed in disbelief that we could be responsible for injustices such as these. 

Baylor Chi Omega hurts alongside this nation as the fight for equality is happening. We stand with our sisters and everyone in this country who have been victims of deep, systemic racism. We mourn the unjust deaths of the many members of the black community at the hands of senseless violence and we stand prepared to fight for justice and equality for all.

As we stand in solidarity, we also understand that every person must do their part and take tangible steps to fight for our black brothers and sisters-- and as a sorority, we are not exempt. Baylor Chi Omega proudly accepts the responsibility to be a part of the change that is taking place. We are prepared to:

  1. Begin making a difference within our four walls in the Stacy Riddle Forum. We will have the hard but necessary conversations, in love, about racial inequality and social injustices that have been happening for far too long in our country. Some of our own black sisters are hurting deeply and have their own stories and experiences with oppression. We will give them a safe space to be heard and listened to. We will hear them and then uphold one another to the standard of speaking out against racism and sticking up for the oppressed. We owe it to them and their community.

  2. Be a voice on our campus as representatives of Christ. We are dedicated to speaking up for the voiceless just as He would. That begins with acknowledging oppressive rhetoric and actions and speaking out against it whenever we see it. We want to take our agenda of love and justice for all beyond our sorority, and to expand our reach as far as we can.

Everyone must use their voice to make it known that black lives matter, so we may earnestly communicate to the black community that we love them, stand with them, and most importantly fight for them.


The Sisters of Theta Kappa

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